Your 2023 IT Management Strategy

Dec 12, 2022


The last few years have brought many disruptive changes to IT managers all around the world. Shifting workforces that in some cases are now mostly remote, combined with an ever-growing list of new technologies, has left IT departments working overtime.

2023 looks to be another challenging year, as economic headwinds will start to impact every organization and its internal departments.

Now that leading-edge technology is so crucial to every business, no matter the industry, the old ways of simply delaying upgrades or hardware implementations to lower IT operational costs are no longer viable.

In this article, we’ll look at key areas that IT managers need to focus on to deal not only with technological challenges in the coming year, but also economic challenges every business will face.

Audit Security Protocols

Security has always been a top concern for IT departments, but it’s now more important than ever. The ubiquity of remote workforces has made login security and access point security a priority.

Recent high-profile corporate hacking incidents, such as with Rockstar Games and Uber, have shown us that the best security can often be defeated by exploiting individual employees who have not received proper security best practices training.

Make sure your organization prioritizes security and implements best practices for employees to follow. In addition, make sure to audit current security protocols and methods to ensure that they are up to date and compliant with the current threats organizations face.

Lower Operational Costs

In 2023, organizations will look to their IT departments to help lower operational costs. This doesn’t necessarily mean cuts to the IT budget, but it means using technology to lower operational costs for every aspect of the business.

The pre-pandemic era saw the explosion of SaaS providers, but now those services have to be examined to see where services can be combined or eliminated altogether.

An organization’s cloud spend must also be looked at to see where efficiencies and savings can be made.

While all of this may sound like cost-cutting, it should be seen as smarter investing in key areas. Overall spending may not be cut — it just needs to be focused in a way that optimizes value for the company’s operations.

Prioritize Talent Acquisition

Acquiring qualified talent will be as challenging in 2023 as it has been in the past several years.

This means acquiring new talent and retaining your current talent should be a top priority.

For SMBs, this may mean using an IT management service provider to cover some or all aspects of their IT management.

A trusted firm like Robust Network Solutions can offer key technical assistance and service management on-demand through their team of experienced experts and consultants, saving you time and resources.

Manage Personal Data Responsibly

The “wild west” era of personal data management is ending, and this trend will continue in 2023. The days of companies being able to play fast and loose with personal data will no longer be tolerated by consumers.

If your company deals with personal information or data from customers, there needs to be a new focus on responsibly handling that data in a secure and transparent way.

This can also help mitigate the risk of a catastrophic data leak, which can burn customer trust for years to come.

Incorporate Data-Driven Decision Making

Using AI tools and advanced analytics has become the norm for making informed decisions on IT management strategies. This will only become more critical in 2023.

These approaches provide actionable information to spot problems and optimization opportunities throughout a technology stack.

By using applied observability and AI tools, IT departments can react faster and more efficiently, creating competitive advantages both operationally and in the marketplace.

Getting Your IT Department Ready for 2023

While there are many challenges for IT departments and managers heading into 2023, there are also many opportunities. The organizations that adapt will thrive while more complacent competitors fall behind.

If your company needs assistance addressing any IT challenges this year, contact Robust Networks today. Our team of experienced IT experts and consultants is dedicated to helping our clients manage their IT services in ways that position them for long-term success.