Cloud Computing

IT systems are fast approaching accessibility and mobility levels never before seen in the business world. The Cloud provides software and services from any location with connectivity.


Why migrate to the Cloud? The answer varies from company to company, but the agreed upon facts are these:

  • The Cloud simplifies all your IT costs down to a simple per month payment
  • Easily access your software, email, desktop computer, or any other services from any location
  • The Cloud provides a near foolproof IT solution for security, performance, and disaster issues


If you want to integrate The Cloud into your current IT infrastructure, then we can provide a robust solution to maximize the efficiency of your cloud solution. We provide fast migration with focused communication to keep your transition smooth and flawless. Robust Networks will work with you to find a viable Cloud implementation strategy for your company.


Cloud Computing provides these advantages:

  • Agility of the Cloud: users and hosts can reposition data fast and reliably
  • Reduce barrier to entry: Your company does not need to invest in a huge IT infrastructure
  • Multitenancy: You can utilize resources more efficiently across your network
  • Accessibility: Retrieve your data from any location


Cloud Services:

Email – Exchange hosting; encryption; POP email; BlackBerry; ActiveSync
Voice – Hosted PBX
Messaging – Lync Secure Instant Messaging
File Management – PC Backup to the Cloud; Sharepoint Hosting
Office in the Cloud; Fax via Email; Web Hosting

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