Robust Networks has many years of experience working with Biotech Medical Research Firms and medical device companies. From smaller startups to larger establishments, Robust Networks helps meet compliance and manage data. Robust Networks provides a skilled team that understands how to develop, enhance, and maintain your IT infrastructure. We go beyond just fixing IT issues by budgeting, planning, and offering industry best practices.


Biotech firms need potent IT solutions to make sure their research operations stay on the cutting edge of their industry. Our engineers work with many biotech firms in the Bay Area and recommend the following services:

  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Online Backup (Cloud Storage)
  • Staff Training
  • Network Data Security


From early stage clinical trials to final approval, your research data is of top priority to Robust Networks. Our engineers understand the importance of keeping it safeguarded against disaster scenarios. There are many solutions to keep your data safe, including onsite solutions incorporating multi-redundant server architecture. We work hard to offer cloud backup options with our industry partners for hosted, online data storage, and collaboration software disaster recovery solutions.


Robust Networks will supply a dedicated team of experienced engineers that work to maintain the IT standards that your company requires. We customize a solution that works within your budget, compliance requirements, and best practices.

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