Network Audit & Compliance


Full Network Audit

IT solutions are often made piecemeal, with a history of small patches, installations, and upgrades. This may lead to future hardware, network, and software problems. Robust Networks will inspect every aspect of your network from the applications used to the physical wiring in your office, and chart a complete strategic audit of your systems. This is valuable for future IT planning and will provide a firm foundation upon which to develop a solid and lasting infrastructure.


Full Security Assessment

Your systems are brought under the same duress it would experience from a real hacking or intrusion attempt. Our engineers will extensively probe for vector vulnerabilities from all angles of attack. We will identify any weakness in your network environment and how to protect your systems in the future. All options are on the table as Robust Networks will test your IT infrastructure to bring forward the best ways to protect your assets.


Compliance Evaluation

Compliance is necessary for your business to stay in front of any issues and problems. Compliance is also required to avoid audits, fines, and limit interruptions to your business.


Working within the guidelines set forth by industry and government can be a headache. There are FRCP, SEC, GLBA, HIPAA, HITECH and SOX, and other compliance requirements. Your company may also be dealing with industry standards that require specific retention and indexing of communication. We can help with compliance projects to minimize audits, interruptions to your business, and help keep your information safe and secure. Whatever the case, Robust Networks is there to relieve your worries and bring your company’s technology into compliance with any industry standard.


Network Evaluation

Our network solutions begin with a proper diagnosis. If you want us to examine your network, please give Robust Network Solutions a call at 1-800-397-9115

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