Hosted Solutions

A Cloud infrastructure isn’t just about getting rid of hardware and software hang-ups for your company. It is about being able to do the work you want to do without the hassle of an IT infrastructure that requires maintenance and upkeep costs. For a flat monthly fee, Robust Networks can provide a Cloud hosting solution custom tailored for your company’s needs.


The Cloud option you want may be internally hosted with your own infrastructure. Software and services can be hosted within the limits and boundaries you apply, along with predictability and control.


You may want to only migrate part of your IT infrastructure to the Cloud, so call us for an expert assessment on your IT infrastructure to see where cloud hosting might benefit your company. Putting your IT services to the cloud can cause concerns of being remote or inaccessible at times, but there are options for hybrid cloud networks built in tandem with your existing network infrastructure. This doubles up your network with cloud capabilities on top of paying for the local upkeep, maintenance, and licensing duties. The decision to migrate to the cloud may greatly benefit your company, so call Robust Networks for more information on Cloud computing.


Robust Networks provides versatile and powerful Cloud hosted solutions for any company need:


  • Hosted Email Exchange
  • ShareSync Cloud File Sharing
  • Hosted PBX Phone System
  • Online Backup Services
  • Cloud-based Servers


The Cloud represents the cutting edge IT solutions for your data needs. Robust Networks has an extensive industry experience on Cloud implementation plans, whether they are in-house, public, or a hybrid solution.


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