Online Backup

When a system fails, the data loss can be catastrophic. Email, operational documents, publication material, and databases can become irretrievable, especially if physical disaster occurs to the server. Is your business able to stay operational when a server fails? If the answer is no then consider Robust Networks’ answer, which is a resounding yes! We provide a multi-redundant backup service, which moves beyond local device usage. We also provide online backup services to save your mission critical data during any system failure or natural disaster.


We also work multiple backup services in tandem, so your data recovery needs take precedence. Our 24/7 monitoring systems automatically process backup Compression, Encryption, Incremental and Full Backups, Synchronization, Microsoft SQL Servers, Microsoft Exchange Servers, and Microsoft Sharepoint server backups amongst dozens of other services.


We completely take care of your backup needs, including continuous protection of desktops, laptops, and servers. We even offer customizable backup settings for individual files and folders.


We use our industry partners in maintaining your data:


Whatever you backup options are Robust Networks provides the industry’s best in onsite and online backup services. Our engineering staff works with you to ensure a customized perfect fit for data backup and recovery.

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