Robust Profile

Founded in 2003 by a veteran team of network consultants, Robust Network Solutions brings years of experience and proprietary methodologies to your IT investment. The “Robust Philosophy” has always been “Our success depends on excellence.” This is achieved through good communication, quick response, and a very experienced technical staff. We retain 96% of our clients annually and client referrals continue to be a solid source of new business.


You can expect the maximized return on your IT investment when you outsource your IT needs to Robust Network Solutions. Our engineers are highly trained professionals with certification from Microsoft, Cisco, and CompTIA. Robust Networks prides itself on the technical skills of our staff and the amazing customer service they provide. Our engineers listen to your problems and never push for options for the sake of earning margin or getting more business. At Robust Networks, we have a simple pledge: we care about your company. We do everything in our power to help you succeed. Normal technology firms assign different engineers to your business every time a new problem arise, but Robust Networks takes a proactive and consistent approach by assigning a dedicated engineering team to take care of your business.


Robust Networks prides itself on our responsive approach to IT. We maintain communication with the client, move as fast as they need, and have specifically assigned engineers to provide consistent service. Even after the initial service, we maintain proactive monitoring alongside a 24/7 helpdesk you can reach for any troubleshooting needs. We provide all this within a stringent budgeting and planning regimen to give you a robust IT solution on your terms.

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