Medical Manufacturer Case Study

case study

Robust Network Solutions met the unique needs of a medical manufacturing firm, cementing a lasting and reliable partnership.

As one of our longest-standing clients, Robust has grown and adapted with our client during the vast changes experienced across the manufacturing industry. We have developed a long and trusting relationship that has been mutually beneficial to both parties. Robust has adapted to ensure its services were never compromised despite the numerous challenges this client faced, such as operating under three different private equity owners, a merger, and an expansion into Dongguan, China. In addition, the integration of two merged IT infrastructures into one provided a unique challenge for Robust. As the size of this client is between SMB and Enterprise space, Robust ensured that it delivered scalable yet affordable solutions. We currently maintain their servers and infrastructure, perform project work, and fill the role of an entire IT department. Furthermore, we supplemented their internal support staff when they first hired an IT director in 2021.


Firstly, we performed a migration from the client’s legacy system which consisted of unscalable, on-premises email to Microsoft 365 hosted email. We then devised an inter-office network redesign to enable modern, faster, and cheaper connections, including Cisco network switches, wireless access points, and firewalls throughout three geographical locations covering 300,000 sq. Ft. To avoid a single point of failure, we introduced multiple redundant internet connections in all the client’s offices. Transitioned three separate phone systems to VoIP across three offices to standardize the user experience. Modernized the client’s server infrastructure and enabled virtualization with VMware software. Intricate management of all servers and network infrastructure for all the client sites, including management of cloud platforms, cybersecurity hardening, and more than thirty different business and engineering applications. Introduced Disaster Recovery solutions with Cloud Replication and Business Continuity. Refreshed and standardized the wired and wireless network infrastructure, implemented VPN and Multi-factor Authentication to enhance network security.


  • Opening new offices in Chicago, IL, 80,000 site infrastructure setup

  • Server infrastructure refresh to accommodate growing data usage and provide redundancy

  • Network refresh to take advantage of improved technology and performance

client profile

  • Medical manufacturing

  • Client since 2003

  • Three offices covering Silicon Valley CA , Chicago Il, and Dongguan China

  • Business size: Medium/Enterprise, 450 users

key challenges

  • Scalability across locations

  • Network redundancy

  • Ease of management

  • Cybersecurity hardening

IT support model

  • Functioned as sole IT department for 17 years.

  • Monthly Retainer for infrastructure support, plus additional hours as needed