Make IT your competitive edge

Managed IT services for the bay area

Guided budgeting, planning, recommendations & maintenance

Tailored to guarantee your success

our services

technology consulting

We design comprehensive technology solutions which smoothly integrate with the business’s workflows, policies, and culture.


We select and implement Robust security measures which will provide effective protection for your information technology infrastructure.

IT application support

We help businesses manage and maintain their Communication applications, CRM, accounting software, and any other critical business applications.

cloud services

We provide cost-effective cloud solutions, taking data storage and management to another level of security and accessibility, with cloud computing options.

data backup & disaster recovery

We optimize, protect and secure data for business continuity, to ensure that businesses don’t experience any interruption.

IT regulatory compliance

We provide thorough technical support for IT audits in accordance key IT regulatory compliance guidelines (SEC, FINRA, SOC or GDPR).

network solutions

We provide periodic assessments, upgrades, and renewals for network systems, automating much of the maintenance process and prompting alerts of problems that arise—before they escalate.


At Robust we forge longstanding partnerships with our clients. Establishing personal rapport is important for us, and we commit to a strong sense of ownership towards the business of our clients. Our success is incumbent upon that of our clients.

our track record


response time in 15 minutes


clients retained for 7 or more years


% of new clients referred by existing clients


emergency ticket resolution same day

case studies

Flooring Company Case Study

Emerging flooring company utilizes Robust for a new office space, prioritizing scalability and paper-free aspirations.

Medical Manufacturer Case Study

Robust Network Solutions met the unique needs of a medical manufacturing firm, cementing a lasting and reliable partnership.

Residential Construction Firm Case Study

Residential Construction firm gains assistance in modernizing their server setup, improving network connectivity, and the provision of in-person IT presence.

Private Equity Firm

Private Equity firm receives office transition support and versatile network oversight from Robust.

what clients say?

Robust is far more than a consultant or a vendor; their team is an extension of our internal operations.


Robust is very helpful and always attentive to your needs. I recommend them 100%.


With Robust as a reliable partner, we feel secure and confident in our technology infrastructure.



The Robust Team has rebranded our renowned referral program. Each decision maker that refers a company with ten employees or larger, needing IT assistance that ends up signing with our managed services, will receive a thank you gift as a token of appreciation.

Should you know of any small or medium businesses in the Bay Area seeking assistance with IT support, please use this referral link to connect them with our team.

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