Residential Construction Firm Case Study

case study

Residential Construction firm gains assistance in modernizing their server setup, improving network connectivity, and the provision of in-person IT presence.

As one of our newer clients, Robust has helped transform the IT infrastructure of our client to support the company’s growth. We helped them migrate from a standalone server and outdated email service to a fully managed, secure, and stable domain environment, including the installation of Office 365 hosted email. We also added backup and disaster recovery solutions for them. Their main challenge was to find cost-effective solutions that fit their budget while providing an easy user experience. Currently, we maintain their servers and infrastructure, perform project work, visit their office weekly, and deploy IT resources to their job sites as needed.


Migrations were required from outdated and unstable on-premises email to cloud email, as well as from a stand-alone server to a domain environment to improve account management and data security. Their wired and wireless network infrastructure was refreshed and standardized for improved connectivity. The deployment and management of printers and file access were simplified and secured. Finally, a Business Continuity, Backup, and Disaster Recovery solution was installed for the client.


  • Dual internet connection implementation for more redundancy

  • Mobile Device Management to deploy and secure mobile and remote devices

  • Upgrade email security with Advanced Anti-spam protection from Proofpoint

  • Standardize fleet deployment of office and field computers with an imaging solution

  • Convert Office suite licenses to Office 365 for ease of management

client profile

  • Residential Construction & Housing Maintenance

  • Client since 2016

  • Office in San Rafael, various job sites throughout California

  • Business size: Medium, 20 office users, 30 remote users

key challenges

  • Scalability across job sites

  • Easier user experience, especially for workers in the field and less tech-savvy users

  • Cost minimization

IT support model

  • Managed IT service by Robust Network Solutions

  • Monthly Retainer