Free up resources from IT application support

Nov 22, 2023


The apps your business uses are a lot like a luxury car. They empower you to get from point A to point Z quickly and come with a ton of fancy features, usually at a considerable price tag. But, like a nice car, knowing how to “drive” your apps makes a big difference. When you have someone to walk you through each feature, you can speed through complex business processes with ease and agility. Otherwise, you may end up put-putting along, getting to your destination eventually, but essentially driving a Lamborghini like a golf cart.

Application support services put professional “drivers” in your passenger seat. For healthcare organizations, this is especially crucial in the context of electronic patient record (EPR) standards and other essential responsibilities that need attention.

Optimize App Performance

Many apps available to the healthcare sector come with advanced features that, when used as intended, can significantly improve patient care and job performance. Outsourced IT application support services help give your staff the knowledge they need to maximize app performance.

Consider MEDITECH EHR Software as an example. Perhaps doctors and nurses understand how to use it to scan barcodes on patients’ wristbands and medications. However, they may not be comfortable with some of its more customized features. For instance, it provides workflows designed for specific disciplines, such as speech and respiratory therapists.

With managed services app support in the passenger seat, your team members can get the guidance they need to take advantage of these and other workflows, saving time and boosting the quality of care.

Fix Performance Issues

An app that’s not working feels like a car that won’t start—a wasted investment. You may spend hours trying to troubleshoot the issue to get back to work, only to hit one snag after the next.

But instead of wasting time and cognitive bandwidth trying to get an app to work, you can use IT application support services to get you back on the road right away. As health application experts, your IT app co-drivers know the inner mechanics of your software and its features. So they can get under the hood and get everything running smoothly in a fraction of the time it would take the average person.

This is particularly important when it comes to EPR applications. A human mistake or app malfunction could expose sensitive information to the wrong eyes, resulting in compliance violations. However, an IT application support team familiar with HIPAA and other healthcare-related standards understands both the importance of a well-functioning EPR app and how to get it firing on all cylinders.

Improve Cybersecurity

Now and then, even the most useful apps need a little tune-up. This is especially true when it comes to applying updates that address cybersecurity vulnerabilities. IT application support makes sure your apps always have the most recent updates installed, so you don’t have to worry about a cybercriminal leveraging an old vulnerability to penetrate your system.

For example, some apps may use outdated encryption algorithms. Encryption prevents a digital spy from being able to read sensitive patient data. But if your app uses certain older encryption algorithms, you may be encrypting data with a system that hackers have already cracked. Essentially, you’d be leaving the car door open for thieves.

Your application support team checks the locks, so to speak, ensuring you have the latest, most secure version of each app you use.

Get More from Your Collaboration Tools

Helping you get the most from your collaboration tools is a gift from your app support team that keeps on giving. Whether you use Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Asana, Google Workplace, or an industry-specific solution, your support team can make sure you’re getting the best business bang for your buck.

For instance, you may be familiar with Teams’ real-time communication tools, but maybe you could get more from its project management features. You can track the effectiveness of treatments, the progress of long-term patients, or a research study your team’s been working on.

Teams may also be able to integrate with your existing EPR system. Your IT application support team can show you how to securely access patient data, discuss cases, and collaborate around care plans without having to leave Teams.

Start Freeing Up Resources Now with Robust Network Solutions

Robust Network Solutions’ gives your staff the confidence they need as they take the wheel behind your business apps. This frees your team up to focus on and maximize the effectiveness of your EPR systems, as well as handle the twists and turns that come with the healthcare journey. Discover more by connecting with Robust Network Solutions today.