How to Train Your Remote and Hybrid Workers for Security

Aug 15, 2022


With 45% of American employees working remotely at least a few times a week, network application security has become increasingly challenging. Remote work offers many unique security and privacy challenges, shifting the responsibility away from on-premise organizations to location-distributed employees. Traditionally, businesses enjoyed the proximity of team members in the office, utilizing company-provided hardware accessed on secure systems and networks. IT support teams could quickly monitor behaviors and habits, and regular security training could occur in person. Today, businesses must adapt to a dispersed workforce that may rarely be in the office headquarters to experience formal, company-managed protections.

As more team members work worldwide, more sensitive data and information is transmitted online. Employees are accessing files and platforms from multiple devices and locations, sometimes while on the go. Important file sharing happens across vulnerable networks, and tracking and managing assets are difficult. Team members also might accidentally lose or delete files. With no data backups or recovery systems, the information is gone. Employees might be unfamiliar with security when on public Wi-Fi networks, and realistic phishing email scams might trick fast-moving team members into clicking malicious links or attachments.

Remote and hybrid working employees face intense security challenges, and organizations should adequately prepare their workforce for increased responsibility.

Cyberattacks Are on the Rise

New research shows that 93% of organizations are vulnerable to cyberattacks. Many IT leaders recognize that their organization is unprepared for the latest security challenges of the coming decade, and 41% said their security initiatives haven’t kept up with the pace of digital transformation. At the same time, alarmingly, 2021 marked an uptick in increasingly sophisticated cyber security attacks. Attacks are becoming hard to detect, and new technologies like AI, deep fakes, and cloned websites are making it impossible for even the most seasoned employee to remain vigilant. Data breaches cost companies an average of $4.1 million annually, and organizations lose $1,500 per employee to phishing attacks.

Trend Micro Employee Security Training

Poor cybersecurity habits can go from bad to worse in at-home offices or public coworking spaces. Employees are often described as the weakest link in the cyber security chain, and with tight deadlines, frazzled workers, and stressful scenarios, good cybersecurity practices fall by the wayside. Trend Micro Employee Security Training is a solution increasingly vital to remote working success, with four employee personas emerging based on their cybersecurity behaviors: fearful, conscientious, ignorant, and daredevil.

Remote work requires more employee trust and responsibility, and Trend Micro’s personalized training approach offers more than a one-size-fits-all program. IT leaders can train employees in specialized ways suited to their natural inclinations. Team members can be educated on features like Phish Insight or multi-factor authentication to address their specific behaviors.

Proofpoint Employee Training

With 88% of data breaches caused by human error, employee security awareness training is paramount. With Proofpoint Security Awareness Training, employees are educated about the latest threats and given tools to help them reduce the number of successful phishing attacks and malware infiltrations. A large majority of data protection comes from basic employee compliance, and the most basic security awareness training can reduce potential attacks by 72%. In addition, phishing attacks, the most popular type of cyberattack, can be reduced by as much as 42%, and security awareness training offers a significant return on investment.

In Proofpoint Employee Training, team members are trained on cybersecurity basics like computer security, working remotely, information protection, phishing, public Wi-Fi, password security, the Internet of Things, and more. Training offers real-world examples and applications, and simulation sessions further educate employees on identifying unsafe situations.

Secure Your Network Solutions With Employee Training

Trend Micro Employee Security Training and Proofpoint Employee Training are two mission-critical investments to secure a remote or hybrid workforce. For distributed employees, basic awareness protection provides a high return on investment, protecting millions of dollars in assets and sensitive data. Security awareness training is relatively inexpensive per person, will take up minimal time and external resources. Using Trend Micro Employee Security Training and Proofpoint Employee Training provides peace of mind for organizations looking to protect their assets, files, and information worldwide.

Please reach out to Robust Network Solutions for more information on how to train your remote and hybrid employees for security.