IT regulatory compliance

IT Regulatory Compliance can be difficult to understand and getting through the rollout of a compliance program can be daunting. Whether it be SEC guidelines, a full blown SOC or GDPR compliance audit, we have engineers on staff that have worked through the technical aspects of audits, including: investigation, documentation and required annual testing.

IT regulatory compliance
Regulatory Compliance

To know whether your company is required to comply with IT regulatory guidelines, you can apply a simple test by asking the question: Does my company collect personal and/or financial data of its customers? If the answer is yes, then you must follow established regulatory guidelines and implement data security measures to prevent exposure of PID (Personally Identifiable Data) to unauthorized access.

We have worked with hundreds of clients who have to navigate HIPPA, GDPR and SOC requirements. We also work with SEC and FINRA regulated firms to meet IT regulatory guidelines and best practices including cybersecurity hardening and other business objectives.

I have worked with Robust Network Solutions for many years and at different companies. They install and maintain all my servers, firewalls and network infrastructure. They can handle multiple locations including international connections.

Arturo Laines, IT Manager, Therm-X of California Inc.
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