technology consulting

We provide impact-driven technology consulting and design comprehensive technology solutions which smoothly integrate with business workflow, policies and culture. We aim to get to know your business so well that we become an extension of it and not just another vendor.

Technology Consulting
Proactive Management & Strategy

proactive management
& strategy

We provide our clients with monthly reports of our work, hold quarterly reviews of the status of their IT assets, and help them at budgeting time with planning and recommendations for the next year. These touchpoints keep us current with our clients’ business environment and priorities. 

We are a reseller of most major hardware, software and cloud based IT solutions on the market. Our team can help with fast quoting, quick turnaround and competitive pricing. We make it as quick and easy as we can for our clients. 

responsive & expert support

We have powerful, security-centric remote management and support tools for screen sharing at our disposal. We can also cover the entire SF bay area and NY city area with engineers for in-person visits when needed, including emergency response.


Responsive & Expert Support
Infrastructure & Hardware

infrastructure & hardware

Infrastructure refers to the technology foundation that businesses use every day for operations. This includes everything from internet & networking to software & hardware, cloud services, desktops & laptops, business applications, disaster & security and more. Infrastructure has to fit the policies, workflow and people of our clients’ business, so we design comprehensive solutions that integrate business policies and systems to save money for years to come.

We have been using Robust since 2011. They are very responsive to any situation. We have had several emergencies and they responded almost immediately to resolve.

Kathie Bomze, COO, Culligan Management Company
Partners since 2011